Cookies Policy of MyOwnConference

Cookies are text files downloaded to you computer, smartphone or tablet when visiting a website. They are saved on your device in order we could recognize you at your next visit to our website. MyOwnConference uses cookies for rising the website quality, simplifying interaction with it and improving the service for users.

Cookies contain:

  • Domain name and name of the Internet connection node;
  • IP address of the computer or Internet services provider;
  • Operating system of the visitor (e.g., MacOS, Windows);
  • Type and version of the browser (e.g., Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox);
  • Name of the website, from which conversion to the website of MyOwnConference was made;
  • Type of device used.

Cookies allow for identifying the date of visiting MyOwnConference, learn browsing through the website and note the time spent at every webpage. This information helps us defining your habits and preferences when working with MyOwnConference. At the same time, cookies do not include any personal information and cannot be used for identifying you.


МyOwnConference uses two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies are created when a user gets to the website and are automatically deleted after exiting or closing the web browser. Session cookies allow for avoiding necessity of repeated information entering. In case of MyOwnConference, this type of cookies does not contain any personal information and is not used to identify you.
  • Persistent cookies are stored at the user’s device even after the web browser is closed. They can be deleted manually. Persistent cookies register the ways users browse through the website, pages they visit and user settings selected. Monitoring of such data allows us to optimize the website work and improve its content.

MyOwnConference notes information about you when conversion is made through a link from third party resources. Owners of those resources can provide us with information from cookies used at their websites. Please note that use of cookies by third parties is not covered in the present Cookies Policy of MyOwnConference.

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